Beware The Dark Side Of Agile Project Management

Each coin has two sides; similarly, each method has its own set of pros and cons. This statement is applicable to Agile methodology as well. Agile project management methodology has great advantages that people know, but not everyone knows the dark side of the Agile methodology. Yes, there is a dark side of the Agile project management methodology, which, if not handled properly, will lead to major damages for the company. Before knowing the dark side of the disadvantages of using Agile project management, it is important to know the advantages of using Agile methodology.

Advantages of using Agile Methodology

Agile has taken over the market since the last decade due to its various benefits. The major advantage of using the Agile method is that it allows the involvement of the clients and the stakeholders in the project. Due to the involvement of the clients and stakeholders, the team would be able to know the changes that are required during the process of the project. This helps the team directly contacting the authorities and discuss the problems of the projects.

Moreover, the Agile method allows the team to divide the project into several parts and then work on it. Due to this reason, the team can provide regular updates to the clients. Unlike the traditional waterfall approach, the team does not have to start from the beginning if something goes wrong in the project or if the outcome is not satisfactory.

In addition to that, Agile methodology has a higher adaptability rate as compared to other project management methods. Due to this reason, it is easy to implement Agile in a company and train the teams to work as per the principles of the project management tool; moreover, there are daily meetings, and even intervals are provided after each task is completed. During this interval, the team members can take a break and adapt to the concept of fine-tuning and know the areas in which they need to improve so that the next task will become easier for them.

Apart from all of these advantages, there are other benefits too. The agile method has been widely accepted and has been recognized globally. This particular project management tool is effective and useful in every genre or every field of company.

Disadvantages Of Agile Methodology

As stated earlier, everything has its own set of pros and cons. When it comes to Agile project management tool, the major con is the budget of the project. How? Here is the detailed explanation for this statement.

It is well known that an Agile project management tool allows changes in the project. Due to this addition of changes, the cost of the project increases, which further leads to a major change in the budget. During the beginning of the project, the client decides a fixed budget based on which the team has to do the project. Now, while the company is doing the project and delivering it at regular intervals, there are chances that the customer might add certain things in the project.

Now, after the sprints are over and the team takes a break, the customer views the product and then gives his/her opinion on it. Moreover, the client even makes certain changes and asks the company to make the changes in the budget provided. Due to this addition, the expenses of the project increases, which leads to loss. The client makes these changes to suppress or eliminate the risks in the project.

If the team detects the errors in the project at an early stage, then they can make changes faster, which would prevent the client from making any more additional changes in the project. It would save not only money but also the time of the company. By using this method, the team would be able to deliver the project on time.

By becoming aware of both pros and cons of the Agile methodology, the company would be able to know how to handle and use this particular project management method. Moreover, if a person knows what the drawbacks of the project management tool are, then he/she would be able to find out certain methods of how to convert the cons into pros and then use it. Hence it is important to know both sides of this project management methodology.

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